General Questions

1Is NS2 Stroke a South African company?
YES! We are based in Benoni, Gauteng.
2Do you have a physical store I can collect from?
Yes. You can purchase directly at our store visit us at 69 O'Reilly Merry St, Benoni, South Africa.
3How long will it take to get the products I ordered?
Normally between 48-72 Hours, we can arrange for faster shipment should you require. Also keep in mind we only ship after your funds have cleared.
4I own a bike shop, will i get a discount if I order in bulk?
Please contact us 011 849 8495 to chat
5Why can't I pay using a credit card?
At the moment we only accept EFT or Cash payments, we are in the process of setting up credit card facilities
6How do you offer such great prices?
We have gone to great lengths to source the best possible spares and parts for our customers

Account Queries

1How can I register?
To register with NS2 Stroke, please click on Register. This link can be found on top of the website.
2How can I login?
When you are not logged in, click on My Account at the top of the website, you will see a field called "email address" and a field called "password". Please fill in the corresponding data and click the "sign in" button below those fields. Note: to be able to login, you need to register first!
3I forgot my password, what should I do?
Click on My Account at the top of the website, you will see Forgot Password link next to login details, click on this, fill in your email address when you hit the submit button, your password will be sent to your email address.
4Why Can't I login?
In this FAQ we try to list the most common solutions to login problems. So, if you come across this message "Login or Password is incorrect." Then you should definitely read on. You need an account You can only log in to the website if you have registered before. If you are new here, please register first. Typed incorrect password If you see the message "Please complete this field by using the password you have registered with." then you may have entered an incorrect password. You can retrieve your password online. Enable Cookies and javascript This website relies on cookies. You may find that when you disabled your browser cookies, your login cannot be remembered. Furthermore, you also need javascript enabled to see the cookies warning. Errors Although you did complete both fields with the correct data and still see this message: "Please complete this field by using the e-mail address you have registered with." "Please complete this field by using the password you have registered with." , then try to delete all NS2 Stroke cookies and try again. Read the instructions below, to remove cookies. Removing cookies If you experience login problems that were not solved with the solutions proposed above, you can try remove all cookies from your browser and login again. Here is how to remove the cookies: In Internet Explorer: menu > extra > internet options > on the "general tab". Click remove cookies. In firefox: menu > tools > options > click the "cookies tab". Press the "Clear Cookies Now" button" In Mozilla: menu > tools > cookie manager > manage stored cookies > click the "stored cookies tab". Remove all cmsnl.com cookies In Safari: menu > preferences > security > show cookies > remove all cmsnl.com cookies


1What are the advantages of receiving the NS 2 Stroke newsletter?
The NS2 Stroke newsletter keeps you informed on the best deals, the latest discounts and newly added products.
2How do I start receiving the newsletter?
Click on Join our newsletter on the homepage.
3How do I stop receiving the newsletter?
To stop receiving emails from our newsletter, just click on the link at the bottom of our newsletter.